NIAMS Community Health Clinic

About the Clinic

Under the NIAMS Health Partnership Program, fellows also work at the NIAMS Community Health Clinic (CHC). The CHC was established in 2001 as a collaborative effort between the local community and NIAMS to provide area residents access to cutting-edge specialty care and scientifically based health information, while offering clinical fellows a unique community-based learning experience in rheumatic diseases.

The CHC also operates as an extension of the rheumatology research program at the NIAMS and allows NIAMS researchers access to patients most affected by rheumatic diseases. Our clinic serves a diverse, multilingual population in the DC/VA/MD metropolitan. About 50% of our patients are monolingual Spanish speakers and 75% are foreign born from more than 40 countries. The majority of our foreign born patients are from Central America, South America or the Middle East. There is a full-time Spanish interpreter to assist.

chc staff

Shown left to right: (front row) Megha Sawhney, M.D,. Shubhasree Choudhury, M.D., Salma Jordan, Fellowship Program Coordinator, (second row) Robert Colbert, M.D., Kyawt Shwin, M.D. (former fellow), Sara Alehashemi, M.D., Kam Newman, M.D. (former fellow), Ann Biehl, PharmD, Yani Ruiz-Perdomo, C.R.N.P., Maryam Gul, M.D., Martha Delgado, IRTA, (back row) Cornelia Cudrici, M.D., Seema Patel, M.D. (former fellow), Michael Ward, M.D., Adam Schiffenbauer, M.D., James Katz, M.D., Natalie Tobar, Medical Assistant

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